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South Indian Weddings (Reddy Weddings in Andra Pradesh)

Posted on 12, October 2022 05:39:29 PM

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Reddy's is a community located and rooted in the Andhra Pradesh state of India. The Traditional Reddy’s Marriage represents the South Indian culture and some important ceremonies. The reddy marriage signifies spirituality, peace, and love and the ceremonies are quite interestingly different from other weddings. The first step is to match the horoscopes and fix the wedding date if the couple is identified as a perfect match for each other.

Patrika :

This is the very first ceremony or ritual which is performed at the Reddy wedding. This is the ceremony that takes place when two families finalize the marriage after the horoscopes and stars of the couple match. The marriage date and the contract are written on the Patrika and are placed on a yellow piece of cloth. Betel nuts, turmeric, and betel leaves are also placed keeping in mind the tradition. Priests chant mantras to complete this ceremony when the parents of the couple exchange the Patrika.


The engagement ceremony at Reddy weddings is known as Nisachaitharthum. This is the first bond or relation between the bride and groom where they legally get engaged while exchanging rings. The beautiful brass lamp also known as ‘Nila villaku is lit and the rings are exchanged. The elders of both families shower blessings on the bride and the groom.

Vara puja

Vara puja is the welcome of the groom and his family to the wedding venue. This is a custom in which, the groom and his family are welcomed with gifts, new clothes, and different food dishes. The bridegrooms are honored in this ceremony in which the bride’s father washes the groom’s feet with pious milk and wipes them off.

Paindlipilla or haldi paspu

Popularly known as Haldi in different wedding ceremonies, this is a colorful and fun-filled ceremony for Reddy's wedding. This ceremony has amazing importance in making the bride shine! During this ceremony, the family members of the bride apply turmeric paste on the bride’s body. Soon after the ceremony, the bride goes for a purification bath. This ceremony and application of multi-benefit turmeric will make the bride glow throughout the wedding ceremonies!


This ceremony is the welcome and entry of the groom and the commencement of the wedding. It is such an eye catchy and melodious feel when the bride and groom enter the Kalyana mandapa (wedding hall). The venue is decorated with beautiful flowers and decor items and while the melodious tunes of nadaswarams and thayli are played, the bridegroom and family enter the venue. The bride’s family welcomes the groom’s family while washing his feet and performing aarti.
At the entrance of the mandapa, young girls stand with flowers, oil lamps, turmeric, and rice. The groom sits on the right side of the mandapa and the bride settles on the left side. When the bride and groom enter the mandap, the wedding starts. The priest chants mantras and people settle down to witness this beautiful ceremony.


This is a beautiful ritual when the groom ties a thali to the bride’s neck. Thali is a traditional necklace of yellow thread decorated with a golden pendant. The bride and groom stand facing each other and perform this ritual. This ritual is performed at the correct muhurtham or time decided by the astrologer or priest. ‘Muhurtham’ means the correct time to perform a ritual that has great significance during weddings. When the groom ties the thali, the loud noise of dhol (drums) and cheers of people are heard.


Kanyadaanam means daan or donation of the daughter. This is a very emotional and beautiful ritual in which, the bride’s father gives away her daughter to the groom. This is an exciting ceremony in which, the bride’s uncle brings the bride in a bamboo basket to the mandap. The bride and groom are not allowed to see each other and thus, are separated by a curtain. The groom thrice assures the father of the bride that he will take care of his daughter and will consider her the better half. In any situation, he will be by her side, and with this promise; the bride’s father gives his daughter to the groom.


This ritual leads to the 7 pheras or rounds, the bride and groom take a round of fire to complete the marriage. The 7 rounds have high importance in Reddy marriages where the groom and bride hold hands and move around the fire while making seven rounds. This ceremony signifies that the bride and groom will live forever and will hold hands forever in health and sickness.


In this ceremony, the feet and fingers of the bride are loaded with silver toe rings. When the groom bends down and puts on the toe rings, it is signified that he accepts the bride as her wife forever. For preventing evil eyes, the bride also wears a black thread in her hand. This is when the wedding ceremony gets completed.


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