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South Indian Weddings (Tamil Kongu Vellalar or Gounder Wedding )

Posted on 15, September 2022 10:12:10 AM

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Three Day Wedding Rituals In Tamil Gounder Community:
The Tamil Kongu Vellalar kalyanam (wedding) is commended for three continuous days. The Multi-day Wedding Rituals in Tamil Gounder Weddings

Naal Virundhu: It is the primary day of marriage - a dining experience is facilitated by the close family members (cousins, uncles, aunties, and grandparents) of the lady and lucky man. This is particularly for the lady and man of the hour families to praise the wedding and make a cordial environment between the close family members of the two sides. They help in marriage game plans, for example, the erection of the pandal (transitory shed), the styling of the spouse by the Kudimagan (Barber), and a conventional wedding declaration by pounding the drums happens. The drum thumping in the previous days was finished by the Kudimagan who might stroll through the town making the declaration to all. These days this sort of declaration is not set up. It exists in certain towns yet the metropolitan group doesn't rehearse it any longer.

Muhurtha Kaal: The lady's family members make courses of action for the wedding like building and enriching the muhurta pandal, cutting kindling, and cooking. The Muhurtha Kaal (pandal) is raised by three Arumaikaarars (Kongu Vellalar people group of older folks) with the assistance of the Vannaan (Washerman). This shows that the wedding service will happen the following day. Uproarious music by the Paraiyars (performers) adds a bubbly vibe to the day.

Muhurtham: The third day has the main wedding ceremonies for the Tamil Gounder people group. The lady and the husband-to-be will wear conventional dresses and play out the center service sitting on a stage. The husband-to-be will tie the thali or the Maangalya around the neck of the lady, Mangala Vadyams (promising instruments) are played by Paraiyars (individuals from the paraiya segment of the local area who play musical thumps on their customary enormous drums) during the thali tying function. The music by the Paraiyars guarantees that every single individual going to the wedding function is associated with the happenings at the wedding, particularly during the muhurtham. Then, the love birds trade festoons which complete the wedding customs. Numerous marriage ceremonies like the Tharai Varthal (a dad giving over his girl by pouring water in this way moving the privileges of dealing with her to her recently married spouse), Kaappu, and so on.

A Kalyana Virundhu (wedding feast) which is an extravagant veggie food in plantain leaves is served to every one of the visitors after the Kongu wedding customs.

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