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South Indian Weddings (Kerala Nair Weddings)

Posted on 13, September 2022 01:06:55 PM

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Really god's own country, Kerala Weddings have their appeal. With the sceneries of lovely sea shores, coconut and palm trees, and backwaters, Kerala has something extraordinary put away for everybody. Very much like various backgrounds, Kerala is likewise home to different societies and religions. Among various sorts of customs, one wedding that talks polish and effortlessness is the Nair wedding.

Pre-wedding Functions

In this pre-wedding custom, the Kundli of the lady and husband to be are matched by the soothsayer to check whether the match is conceivable or not. In the event that the Kundli are a match, a Muhurtham or Muhurtha (a favorable date) is fixed as the big day.


When the horoscope is satisfying, the families fix a commitment date(The Nischayam service also , known as the ring service or Mothiram Maatal,) a customary commitment function denotes the beginning of the lady and lucky man's relationship on a wonderful note. 

Aashirwadam or The Pre-marital Gift

This custom is vital for each Kerala marriage and happens a day prior to the wedding. The direct relations and relatives of the lady of the hour and lucky man go to this service. Getting endowments from dear and senior ones for a blissful and prosperous wedding life is performed. 

Mehendi Service

The wedding Mehendi service is like other Mehendi functions directed across India. As opposed to the customary Mehendi capability, where Henna specialists are brought in to apply sparkling plans, at Kerala Nair wedding functions, the lady of the hour's aunties draw pretty examples on all fours. A henna tattoo craftsman might take up after the underlying customs are finished.


One of the wedding customs of the Nair wedding called Kudivep is many times acted in the hereditary home of the Lady. Numerous families track down it helpful in playing out the wedding at their home and quit sanctuaries or conference halls making it advantageous for both the families.

Dakshina Kodukkal

This is a wonderful custom which is performed by the lady and the man of the prior hour heading for the wedding scene. They look for favors from the seniors of the home and Dakshina is an image of the older folks' endowments.

Style and Clothing

The lady wears the conventional Kerala Saree for the wedding. The Kerala saree is Kasavu Saree that is plain white with a brilliant boundary that improves the magnificence of the lady inside and out. Obviously, certain individuals may likewise pick to wear unadulterated silk Saree on the D-day as an individual decision.

Gold assumes a vital part in Kerala weddings. The lady of the hour wears everything. This incorporates Mangtikka, wonderful accessories, belt, hoops, and armlet (Baajuband).


The ceremonial beginnings by the lady of the hour's family inviting the lucky man's loved ones. The sibling of the lady of the hour washes the feet of the husband to be and accompanies him to the mandap. When the husband to be is situated, a gathering of young ladies convey diyas as the becoming flushed lady strolls in with her companions and separate aunties towards the mandap. A customary and pleasant nadaswaram music plays to invite the lady of the hour. When the lady of the hour is situated serenely close to the lucky man, the minister formally starts the wedding service. Two or three takes a few rounds (pheras) around the sacred fire followed by the husband to be dad giving over the Thaali (Mangalasutra) to the lucky man which he ties around the lady's neck. In customary Kerala Nair Wedding, this function is classified "Thaalikettu".


Pudamuri is a wonderful function during which the lucky man gifts his new spouse a lovely silk saree with a shirt on a platter. .The close to home second between the dad and the girl is the point at which he puts her hands in the possession of the lucky man consequently giving over his little girl to her better half. 

A regular Nair wedding Sadhya will comprise of 25 dishes served on a banana leaf. It incorporates rice, pickles, desserts, papad and significantly more.


After marriage the bride starts her new journey with her husband to his house.

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