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South India Weddings(Kerala Brahmin Wedding)

Posted on 12, October 2022 05:44:08 PM

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A wedding is perhaps the happiest event that occurs in a Brahmin family in Kerala however with regards to the customs of Kerala Marital, various ceremonies are to be followed. Whether it is the group of the lady or the man of the hour, the two of them focus on the custom of the wedding other than the pleasure that happens. Following Nakshatra Porutham or the planetary place of the stars in the birth graphs of the lady of the hour and the husband-to-be, the date of the wedding has been announced by the cleric. Nonetheless, the ceremonies of the Brahmin wedding are empowering to be sure. 

Wearing the blessed string: This is the event that denotes the commencement of the wedding and a heavenly string is tied around the wrist of the lady in her home which is likewise called Vratham. The string gives her protection from evil forces. For the husband-to-be, this event is commended with the invocation of Gods.

Coming To The Mandap: The brother of the bride garlands the groom and welcomes him with sweets, clothes, etc. After the fruition of these customs, the lucky man goes to the stage on the mandap in which the other ceremonies are performed. 

Sanyas Or Grihastha: This is an important occasion in Kerala Matrimonial and important for the Brahmins. During this ceremony. The groom pretends to leave for Kashi but when pleaded with by the family of the bride decides to return to the mandap which is also called Kashi Yatra. During the entire part, the groom has to wear the panchkotam or traditional attire.

Giving away the bride and touching her: The ceremony is performed in which the bride sits on the lap of her father before she is officially handed over to the groom is also called Kanyadanam and then a piece of turmeric is tied around the wrist of the groom which gives him the right to touch her and is also known as Kankana Dhaarana.

Tying the Mangalasutra: The holy occasion is to tie the Mangalasutra around the neck of the bride which is carried out at specific hours and the ceremony in which the bride and the groom hold each other’s hand is also called Paani Graharam.

  1. Walking seven steps: This occasion is called Sapthapadi in which the bride and groom walk around the fire with seven steps and it is only after this that the wedding is considered complete.
  2. Offerings to the fire: two parts of the homam take place around the fire. While Pradhana Homam is paying homage to the Agni, the Laja Homam is offering puffed grains to the fire which is given to the bride by her brother.

After the completion of these ceremonies, the Brahmin bride and groom prepare to leave the house of the bride for Grihapravesham which begins a new chapter in their lives.

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