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South Indian Weddings (Chettiar wedding in Tamil Nadu)

Posted on 29, September 2022 03:19:33 PM

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Wedding customs

Marriage Customs:

The lucky man's best option is to attach the conjugal bunch with his sister's or maternal uncle's girl. Or the consequences will be severe, when a union is fixed a commitment is fixed at the lady of the hour's home. At this Nichadartham or commitment function, a commitment arrangement is drawn up by the pujari and given to the two families. The following especially followed by this local area in the approach the marriage is that the lucky man's family will contribute some gold for the creation of the lady's hallowed "thali" or Mangalasutra. In the meantime, the pujari will pick a favorable date for the wedding.

Marriage Pandal:

There are numerous customs to be seen while building the marriage pandal or the bloomed shelter under which the wedding service is performed. A lot of mango leaves are tied on a bamboo stick covered with turmeric glue and red earth. Ghee and coral stone are set inside an opening, which is dug, and milk is poured on top of the bamboo stick. The stick is fixed into the opening even as cups loaded up with grown gram are put before the shaft and permitted to sprout. They have a service to illuminate the elderly folks about the marriage with the couple situated on palm leaves.

Enrollment in the marriage: 

The guardians of the two families register the marriage subtleties in their separate family sanctuaries three days before the marriage. There are various ceremonies, which must be seen before the real wedding. They are the: Padaipu or precursor love in which food is prepared and proposed to the predecessor and afterward eaten by the family.

Manai Poduthal: 

Development of the block stage in which wedded ladies with the assistance of a bricklayer will situate the couple during the wedding


The bamboo stick which was enhanced before is tied before the marriage stage

Hanging and lighting a light: 

A light is hung and lit close to the bamboo stick

Mattru Kattuthal: 

The defensive material covering is made for the marriage stage as the homes are improved with kolam.

The lucky man's family gets the holy thali, and the festoons from the sanctuary are given to the lady of the hour's loved ones


The husband-to-be's maternal uncle embellishes the nephew's feet with toe-rings and gold pendants hung together for the lucky man's favorable jewelry. The lady is likewise enhanced with adornments from her family members

Pooram Kazhithal or the virgin shower: 

The lady is washed and enhanced with brilliant chains.

Thumbu Pidithal: 

The presence of the divinities is summoned through kolam designs

Azhagu Arati: 

The husband-to-be is said goodbye by his fatherly grandma with an arati. The lady's family likewise brings gifts, the thali, and a ring on a platter and leads a parade to his home. The man of the hour is then accompanied to a Ganesha sanctuary before he continues to the marriage scene

Poovai Arithal: 

The lady joins the lucky man before her home


Kappus or arm bands are tied on the wrists of the couple Arimna Iduthal or grown grains are showered on the couple.
Poomanam Iduthal or a custom where the couple is honored by contacting their wrists, elbows, and shoulders with blossoms dunked in milk


In several circles the sacrosanct fire multiple times even as the pujari drones the marriage customs. The older folks favor the thaali and the Thiru Pootuthal occurs. In this, the husband-to-be ties the taali around the lady's neck two times, and his sister firms the third bunch up. The couple trade festoons multiple times and take the favors of the seniors.

Isaivu Pidimanam: 

The dads of the lady and the husband consent to the marriage arrangement made by the pujari. The couple is authoritatively hitched now. 

Post-Wedding Functions


The lady is invited into her conjugal home with a straightforward custom including seven cups on a platter loaded up with organic products, betel leaves, turmeric, sacrosanct debris, rice, salt, tamarind, and cotton. While the lady likewise plays out the pada puja by washing her mother by marriage's feet.

Kalyanavevu and Mamavevu: 

Lady of the hour is given gifts by her maternal uncle.


The couple is honored and the lady of the hour is started into her conjugal obligations.

The Turmeric Shower: 

The ceremonial oil and turmeric shower for the couple.

Kulam Vazhum Pillai: 

Family obligations are given over the lady in a custom including a little silver sculpture of a child in a water pot and the enhancing the lady with a bangle by the man of the hour's mom

Thumbu Kattudal: 

Tying of the marital string on the lady of the hour and she is taken care of with food from her mom's home. Seeing family members eat leafy foods and they additionally hand over their gifts to the couple. 

Kaichi Uttrrudal: 

The blowout is facilitated by the lady of the hour's family to pay tribute to her conjugal family. After every one of the capabilities is finished, the lady of the hour's dad eliminates the Arasanikkal and takes the fledglings shrouded in a silk material to a close by tank or lake and drenches them. This custom is performed to a conch and imprints the finish of the conventional Chettiar Wedding.

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