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South Indian Weddings (Badagas wedding in Ooty)

Posted on 11, October 2022 04:01:53 PM

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In Badagas, both the bride and the groom have equal rights. With the elder's permission, the wedding is initiated. Dowry is unthinkable for them. Thali was alien to them, but these days to identify their association with outsiders, they use "Thali". The wedding is initiated by a ritual called "Holding the right hand". On the wedding day, the Spouse's party of five individuals visits the young lady's home late at night. The residents and the friends and relatives collected there would invite them. The visitors wash their legs and mouth and enter the young lady's home. Indeed, even before drinking some water in that house, the visitors would ask the young lady's folks for their assent for the marriage. Whenever consented, the young lady is approached to come before the seniors and give her eagerness. Just on getting the young lady's assent, the conventional jewelry called 'Ungaramani' and the oldest woman of the Husband's party attaches it to the neck of the Lady of the hour. Then, the delegate of the kid would pay the affirmation cash of Rs (200) 200 just, across the board rupee coins.

Before the wedding day evening, the Spouse's party of five individuals will be shipped off to the lady's place and remain there. Early morning, the following day, the party will lead the Lady and her family members to the Groom's home. When the lady of the hour goes into the Spouse's home, the mother by marriage invites her little girl in regulation by offering water for cleaning her feet, then, at that point, she would tie the 'malai mani' an ordinary and essential Badaga trimming made of silver around the neck of the lady of the hour, who is then, allowed to step into the house where elderly folks who have explicit connection would favor her.

A formal milk food is ready and served on an exceptional kind of plate called "katchu ganguva" from which the lady of the hour and two sisters by marriage ritualistically eat a little piece of that food. Then she takes the plate to the house's front yard and washes it.

Then the lady of the hour alongside five sister-parents-in-law goes to the stream and gets new and unadulterated water (as a sign that she has entered upon her family obligations). On arriving at back home, eleven older folks from both sides Masters of the couple would sit in succession before the marriage pandhal on the patio. On the cleaned floor, new gunny sacks are spread and just a bunch of bug nuts and a recognition "kanickkai" Rs 1.25 just is set before eleven elderly folks gathered. The couple then at the same time, bow to touch the feet of every one of the Masters and ritualistically wash their feet, the Masters and the seniors gathered there would favor them in a melody in a regular Badaga way.

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